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1Peluncuran Portal Web Indonesia One Search dan Sosialisasi INLISLITE versi 3.0 Serta Penandatanganan MoU dengan Mitra Perpusnas01/03/201601/03/2016 Detail
2Peluncuran Situs Web Kepustakaan Tokoh Perfilman Sophan Sophiaan15/02/201615/02/2016 Detail
3Seminar Nasional dan Apresiasi Buku "Dvipantara Dharma Sastra Kebajikan Kuna Nusantara Untuk Masa Kini"14/01/201614/01/2016 Detail
4Kongres XIII dan Seminar Ilmiah Ikatan Pustakawan Indonesia dengan tema "Pustakawan: Garda Pengetahuan"(Librarian: the Guardian of Knowledge)06/10/201509/10/2015 Detail
5National Seminar on Scientific Meeting of Indonesian Language and Literature (PIBSI) XXXVIIX in University of Sanata Dharma Yogyakarta with the theme “Explore the Potential of Language Function Optimization as Means to Establish the Mental and Personality of the Nation to Strengthen the Position of Indonesian Language in the middle of the Global Development among languages toward the Golden Indonesia 2045 (Indonesia Emas)”.
02/10/201503/10/2015 Detail
6The National Seminar on the Civilizing the Reading Fondness and the V National Conference of 2015 Movement for the Promotion of Reading Interest (GPMB) with the theme “Cultivating the Indonesian people towards Intelligent, Innovative and Competitive Human Resource”.02/09/201505/09/2015 Detail
7Technical Guidance (Bimtek) of Scientific Paper Writing and Story Telling of 2015 19/08/201522/08/2015 Detail
8National Seminar and Workshop of Librarianship Indonesia 2015 and the ISIPII National Congress and National Working Meeting of FPPTI with the theme “Library Move On : Proud of Being a Professional in the World of Library and Information”19/08/201521/08/2015 Detail
9International Intensive Course of Old Javanese Language, Second Edition31/07/201515/08/2015 Detail
10THE GENERAL CONFERENCE CONGRESS OF SOUTHEAST ASIAN LIBRARIANS (CONSAL) XVI BANGKOK – THAILAND : “ASEAN Aspirations: Libraries for Sustainable Advancement"10/06/201513/06/2015 Detail
11Film playback and Development of Achievement to Required Handover who Active in Implementing Law No. 4 of 1990 with the theme “Documentation of Ethnographic Film Culture is the Form of Implementation of Law No. 4 of 1990 on Handover – Maintain of Printed Works and Recorded Works”19/05/201519/05/2015 Detail
12The National Library Expo 2015 with the theme “Library and Arts”
May 18, 2015 (Monday) to May 21, 2015 (Thursday)
18/05/201521/05/2015 Detail
13Drawing and Coloring Contest in the framework of celebrating the 35th Anniversary of the National Library of the Republic of Indonesia
Other Schedule
20/04/201521/05/2015 Detail
14Launching and Book Review of “Memo Untuk Presiden” (MUP) / Memo to the President25/03/201525/03/2015 Detail
15Seminar of the National Library : The Challenge for the Professional Librarian in the Globalization Era04/02/201504/02/2015 Detail
16Exhibition in the framework of the International Solidarity Year for Palestinians People06/12/201413/12/2014 Detail
17FILMARES Exhibition 2014 – Indonesian Film26/11/201428/11/2014 Detail
18Indonesian Digital Library Conference (KPDI) 7
10/11/201413/11/2014 Detail
19Indonesia Book Fair 2014 “Recognizing Archipelago Script”01/11/201409/11/2014 Detail
20Exhibition of Panji Story - Manuscript Collection of National Library with the theme: Panji Story as the World Cultural Heritage
24/10/201430/10/2014 Detail
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