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Launching and Book Review of Anand Khrisna, Human Way of Life towards Perfection

15 January 2016, (Friday)

Launching and Book Review of Anand Khrisna, Human Way of Life towards Perfection

Salemba, Jakarta – the National Library and Anand Ashram Foundation held a book review of works of Anand Khrisna with a title Dvipantara Dharma Sastra at the Building of the National Library, Thursday, (14/1). The book review was attended by no less than 300 guests from various regions.

The boom in English version titled “Centre for Vedic and Dharmic Studies” is a collection of trans-creation sloka-sloka Sara-Samuccaya, Slokantara and Seveka Dharma. “This book contains wise articles of the ancestors of Indonesia as outlined in papyrus Samuccaya and Slokantara found in Bali, “said the Chairman of Foundation of Anand Ashram Wayan Sayoga.

Similarly, papyrus Sevaka Dharma of the Sundanese level is a cultural heritage of the archipelago that is full of meaning of education and the art of living in developing culture-based Indonesian human character.

Humans are basically social beings who require interaction to sustain their life. Of the process of their interactions, born the various meanings to behave in life that comes from generation to generation and life experience.

The series of behavior and meaning then crystallized to form local wisdom (local knowledge). Civilization is an integral part with the past, present and future. Not just linear, but both influence the successes and failures. Local wisdom is partly transformed into works of valuable cultural, and unique, both literary and art works.

"Art of tradition has a of noble values that should survive and developed in the midst of people's lives because it can enrich the life experience, like the experience of religious, social, and aesthetic," said the rector of the Institut Seni Indonesia / Indonesian Arts Institute (ISI) Solo Sri Rochana Widyastutieningrum.

In the same place, Sundanese cultural Lucky Hendrawan said that goodness discourse contained in the three papyrus is 'way of life' that must be taken by the next generation. Admittedly, basically the discourse is very difficult to be implemented with full of awareness.

"The uniqueness of the content of the teaching is the absence of other elements intervene in human judgment over the behavior of any kind. Like living in an evolution space, "said Lucky as a speaker of book review of Anand Krishna.

The ancestors and the elders give discourse of Sara-Samuccaya, Slokantara, and Sevaka Dharma is not without a reason. Set of experiences and results of smart thinking thoughtful inherited aimed to guide people to achieve the completeness of life. ‘the goodness' which is found to be very hard and not promising anything other than 'glory' as a man who reached the degree of 'immortality'.

Head of the National Library Sri Sularsih welcomed the publication of the book. Dvipantara Dharma Sastra book is work that can be proud of, because it contains a lot of knowledge containing the noble values of the nation. "Ancestor scientific heritage is important as a form of identity as a great nation without having to remove its local wisdom," she added.

If we look more closely, the heritage works of Indonesian ancient if it is applied in everyday life can lead human to a brighter and more meaningful life. So, do not be surprised if many researchers from abroad are interested to study and assess the ancestral heritage of the nation. Not a few manuscripts (codices) of Archipelago that handed over to abroad.

The National Library itself has now managed to collect at least 10.300 of ancient manuscripts in various forms. So, people can at any time take advantage of the actual content of the ancient manuscripts that are very relevant to be applied in the life of social and nation.

Anand Krishna also agreed how important the libraries play a role in the process of civilization. the library is more than a teacher. During his career in the spiritual world, and writer, Anand Krishna also established an organization that is concerned in developing human souls through self-empowerment Indonesia, one of which is the National Integration Movement.

The book review was held coinciding with the 26th Anniversary of Foundation of Anand Ashram on January 14, and also confirmed as part of the Friends of Library.

Provenance: Source : Hartoyo Darmawan

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